Hanbiro - To-do

Manage need to-do tasks

The To-do feature helps employees proactively plan and update the work schedule, the administrator assigns and manages tasks of subordinates. For single tasks, using the To-do feature will help update information quickly and promptly.


Preeminent Features of To-do

Main functions

  • Received To-do: Someone sent a To-do to you.
  • Sent To-do: You send a To-do to other recipients in the company.
  • Cc To-do: You are a reference to one or more To-dos.
  • Folders: You can separate and divide some sub-folders

Assign task

  • The to-do Module helps superiors send tasks and instructions to receipts conveniently and quickly.
  • The recipient will receive a notification for the task that has been sent to him.
  • Manage the progress of each recipient, you can create a comment or the manager can adjust task processing time.
  • Search engine support: The system has diverse search options with a user-friendly interface.

Manage personal affairs effectively

  • Manage your tasks with my To-do:
    Users manage their tasks and schedules such as a Plan, time, describe the job in detail for themselves to manage personal tasks more effectively.

Send instant notifications to To-do recipients

  • The system notifies news when you have a new to-do on the phone app or the option to send Mail/Message boxes.

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