Hanbiro - Resource

How to manage your resource with Hanbiro - Resource?

Resource menu in Hanbiro is a feature that helps administrators have a general and detailed view of the devices that the business is using as well as information about which departments frequently use which equipment. , operating time of that equipment… from which to set out plans to buy, replace, update… equipment in the enterprise.

Through the reservation system and the authorization system, the user sends/unsubmits the device usage request to the device manager. The data will be saved on the Big Data server and update to the device usage history to avoid the case of overlapping, missing information…

Preeminent Features of Resource

The Resource Information

Resource information is classified from general to detailed, according to each item and requirement of each company.

Plan data for each company device in an intuitive calendar interface

The Resource Manager can easily track the proposed schedule of the use day by day to help them get the use schedule of equipment.

Update, change, add new equipment

The system supports adding new resources and assigning the right person who is responsible for the resource.

Manage resource usage history

Managers can easily track the recommended schedule of using the devices by the time period of the day, week, and month, helping them to grasp the overview of equipment usage.

Manage bookings/schedules using resources

The resource manager can manage all the bookings resources that they are authorized to manage.

For each request to use a resource the system will send a notification email to the user who requested.

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