Hanbiro - Project

Manage progressing, budget,
human resources in your Projects

Big works require the Project menu. Create a new Project, then establish a Project manager and assign users to
any imperative work requiring completion. Users can then write tickets when issues arise and mark their progress with time logs
and rate updates. In addition, Project leaders can invite external guests for viewing and comment, check time logs,
and estimate HR costs spent. Work on important projects smarter.

Let the project support job management for your company.

Process of the project diagram

With the project of MofficSoft you will:

  • Project Management of yours with My project sub-menu.
  • Check projects you are taking part in with the in-progress project sub-menu.
  • View and check data of hold project and closed projects with On hold project sub-menu.
  • Check the completed project that you did with the Complete Projects submenu.
  • Control your tasks with the activities sub-menu.
  • You can separate and set up kinds of folders of the project.

The main authority participants in each project

For a better understanding of project participants, please follow the table below:

Role Project Manager Leader Participant Viewer
Description The Project shall be in progress by strategy with the superior position in the company for developing of main product and so forth... The user who creates Activity with the person in charge of it to manage. The user who in charge of Activity practically.(Can be selected as person in charge). May not participate in solving project work, but can see all project work.
Create Project The "project menu manager" will set the person who has permission to create new projects as all users or only those who manage the project menu. --- --- ---
Modify or Delete of Project
Appoint Leader
Appoint Participant, Viewer
Change of Project Status
Write and change of Activity
Write Activity reference
Reply of Ticket

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