Hanbiro - Expense

Expense statistics By week, month, year...

The Expense menu supports some kinds of functions, such as Company expense; My expense; Received expense…All of them help customer cost management effectively.

Preeminent Features of Expense

Support Expense management

Support users to manage expenses by branch company/department by week, month, year… They are so effective.

Users can easily search and export search results according to options and keywords, time and data sharing with related users.

You can import an Excel file from your PC

System supports to upload an excel file. It is more convenience.

Expense statistic

Statistics of cost data according to timelines (weekly/monthly/yearly) help managers get effective and useful information to have plans and plans for business/public spending plans for my company.

Send expense approval online

The system provides expense functions such as create a new one, make an expense approval, and send this approval online to help users work more effectively. You can manage your company expense daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly. It is so great.

There are various payment methods

Module expense supports kind of payment methods such as ATM, cash, credit card…Based on your request, your business, you can set up the payment methods that are suitable for your company.

Purpose of expense

No limit on cost purposes, users can easily automatically update the usage purposes in accordance with the company’s needs.

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