Hanbiro - Mail

Business email - Big data

Hanbiro apply AI & Big Data for Email Business, it helps business to catch up industry 4.0.

Besides basic features such as sending/receive mail, Hanbiro mail also provides special features: Send/receive secret mail, Check email sending/receiving time, Approve before sending external mail, Auto sort, Alias mail, Sharing/Forwarding resigned’s mailbox, …

Other Mail system
When the capacity and mail number increase => slow processing speed.
The risk of security.
It’s hard to manage send/receive mail.
Hanbiro Mail system
Ensure processing speed and efficiency even mail increases.
Data is encrypted.
Check mail log, compatible with other mail systems such as Gmail, Outlook,…

Mail app on smartphone, tablet

Outstanding of Hanbiro Mail

More professional with business domain.

Integrate POP3, IMAP.

Share folder and assign permission, share or forward regisnee’s mailbox.

Check mail log.

Auto-sort according to title, receive address. The filter blocks over 95% spam, 99% virus. Send email with 2 layers of security.

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