Hanbiro - Contact

Manage contact of customer, partner, employee,…
with Hanbiro Contact

Hanbiro contact support customers arrange contacts to manage: Company contact, Partner, Customer, … and share contacts for individual/department.

Contact can sync data from Hanbiro Contact to Mobile Contact. Contact apps can use both iOS, Android.

Arrange, store effectively with Contact

Show detailed information

Show detailed information such as Profile picture, Department, Position, Email, Address, Company, Note,…

Company Contact

All individual/department contact informations updated automatically from Organization.

Public Contact

Users can upload contacts on Public Contact that the company usually uses such as: customer, supplier, vendor, reseller, …

My Contact

Users can create folders to arrange and manage their personal contacts. Besides, they also can share these personal contacts to others and assign permission read/write/modify.

Mobile sync

Contacts can be synced from Hanbiro contact to Mobile contact of users.

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