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Due to the diverse needs of Enterprises at work, in addition to the Project menu, Hanbiro also supports another menu, Co-manage. Its main function is still to create projects and track progress but will have more details and special features.

Variety of project types: Kanban and Scrum

The Scrum

The Scrum is a tool to show the work clearly. The Kanban board consists of columns corresponding to the status of the task and cards representing the tasks. Every job is in any state will be placed in the corresponding column. You can use a physical board, but the Co-manage menu will support Kanban for you.

The Kanban

A Kanban card represents a work item. Translated from Japanese, it literally means visual (ban) card (kan). It is the core element of the Kanban system because it represents work that has been requested or is in progress. The Kanban card contains valuable information about the task and its status, such as a summary of the task, responsible person, deadline, etc.

What is the Kanban Project?

Kanban is the Agile method and the source of Kanban was developed at the end of the years of 1940 by a Japanese engineer named Taiichi Ohno.


Project leaders and participants can easily track work according to the progress of Kanban: Backlog - In Progress - Done. For example: The project's work will be in the Backlog arranged in order of priority from top to bottom. Every time a work starts, it switches to In Progress, helping the team know where they are on the project. After completing the task of work, it will move to Done. And so on until the end of the project's work goals.
Due to the features of the Kanban Project that work independently, if one person does not complete their work well, the team can support and complement each other's skills, ensuring that members are always learning and don't just focus on a certain job or skill.


Because participants do tasks independently so when all work is completed, it does not mean the project is completed. Project leaders have to check participant's performance.

What is the Scrum Project?


Scrum is a project management framework that is widely used, from simple projects with a small development team to very complex requirements projects with hundreds of participants, and even projects that require a fixed timeframe. In Scrum, work is done through successive iterations called Sprints.


Sprint is an important role in the Scrum project and is a fixed period of time during which the Project Leader and participants do work. Sprints are typically time-framed no longer than 1 month and no shorter than 1 week. Sprints are of equal length and run consecutively without interruption. The sprint ends when the framing period ends, regardless of whether the work in it has been completed or not.


Widely used, applying complex software management and product development, iterative and incremental use. Reduce management time, increase development time.


Due to the Scrum project that the Sprint has been done repeatedly so when cancelling a Sprint will be wasting time, the team must be gathering to plan for a new Sprint.

Clear interface, easily used

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