Hanbiro - Board

Update company notifications with Board

Board is a tool helps users update/notify important notifications to individually or department in company

Outstanding feature of Board

  • – Company calendar has variety options as: Notify, Free, Permit.
  • – Admin can assign permission for users write/read/delete at Company Board.
  • – If you create a department, one Dept. Board will be also created automatically.
  • – Member of the parent department can read and write lower Dept Board.
  • – Can share Board Department with any user in the company.
  • – Board can be controlled individually or shared with other users.
  • – Permission to read/write and read/write/delete/read will be decided by creator.
  • – Similar to Company Boards, in My Board submenu, Users can sort by category.
  • – Where updates the boards that other users share for you, you will be authorized to read / write / edit / delete in this menu.
  • – The system will send a notification when a new board is updated. The notifications will be sent with forms such as pop-ups appear on the screen, sending mail…
  • - The board is secured with Secure password, the readers have to enter a secure password/password every time he or she wants to open any secure board.

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