Hanbiro - Approval

Standardize workflow with electronic approvals

The Approval menu allows your business to streamline any document approval process by digitization. Setup approval routes of superiors and send documents with attachments as necessary.

It’s easy to accept, reject, or edit and resend any Approval document.

You can add e-signatures and forward documents as well. Register and use company form for frequently used Approval documents.

Preeminent features of Approval

Customize approval templates according to each customer's requirements

According to the unique needs of each Enterprise, Hanbiro will design an approval form with customization on Excel, HTML,… suitable; Forms are fully supported in all languages: English, Vietnamese, Korean,…

These forms will be supported by our staff for free according to the specific business characteristics of each customer

Two kind of approval: Internal approval and external approval

Hanbiro offers two forms of approval, internal and external:

  • Internal Route: When the last user of an approval route has approved, approval is complete.
  • Executed Route: it is used when you need to send completed document approval to the received department.

Secure approval

  • With Secure approval, the reviewer has to enter the password for checking, reading,… the approval.

Setting e-signature

  • Upon approval, the user will use the signature by signing directly on the Groupware software or uploading an image.

Deputy Use for an approval decision

  • The system supports the feature of authorizing approvals for other users when there are emergencies such as the approver is busy at work and does not have time to decide the approvals… within a certain period of time.

Store documents with no time limit

  • Users can turn completed approvals into official documents, convenient for tracking, checking, printing, and storing originals when needed.

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