Hanbiro - Talk

Take communication to warp speed

Hanbiro Talk feature provides internal online chat within the company. The data will be stored on Big Data Server
and synchronized in real-time.

In addition, Hanbiro Talk integrates with the Live chat that is one of the features in Hanbiro CRM,
it helps to support Customers from your home page.

Online chatting - internal information security

Data in HanbiroTalk ensures security and is synchronized on computers and phones.

Using HanbiroTalk on many devices such as PC, App (iOS, Android) and Macbook, tablet… is not limited to time and space.

The HanbiroTalk will be linked to the Live Chat section on the website, dividing the on-call time frame so that staff can respond to customers’ messages as quickly as possible when customers text on the website.

Internal messaging to individuals or create additional rooms.

Easily search back messages, photos, or files that have been attached by day/month/year.

Update Hanbiro Talk status: Online, Busy, Meeting,
Leaving the office, etc. on each user interface.

Voice call, video call, group call;
Send attachments from your computer and CloudDisk.

Integrated stickers, emoji, GIF. Dark mode helps protect eyes Customize theme, font, size according to personal preferences. Support 3 languages:
Vietnamese, English, Korean

Links to quickly open menus as Mail, News Feed, Dispatch, To-do and
display number when there is a notification

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